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Boxee media center for ubuntu 9.04

Boee Alpha

boxeelogoMedia center application Boxee has grabbed a lot of headlines over the past year or two, and for good reason: Boxee provides Mac, Linux, and Windows users with an excellent solution for watching internet video on a TV. While web browsers were generally designed for viewing text and images with video thrown in as an afterthought, Boxee was designed to look and feel more like a consumer electronics application that you can navigate from the couch with a remote control.

Boxee can access online video from services including Hulu, Joost, and BBC’s iPlayer. You can use it to enjoy audio and video podcasts. And you can access local media stored on your hard drive.

Download boxee for Ubuntu Linux

1 – Go to System > Administration > Software Sources.
2 – In Sources Software dialogue, select Third-Party Software tab, click Add, and enter:


3 – After closing this dialogue you can either use Synaptics and select Boxee for download, or use a terminal window, and enter sudo apt-get install boxee.


To run Boxee, Applications > Sound & Video > Boxee

have Fun 😉

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