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Howto Install Foxit PDF Reader On Ubuntu

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If you are familiar with PDF files, you probably heard a lot about Foxit PDF Reader on Windows OS.There is also a linux binary available for a couple of months, but i forgot to write a blog post about it : ) .I prefer it over Acroread because of its fast speed and size.Here are some features of Foxit Reader before we begin to install it to our box :
* PDF Viewing

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Includes Zoom In/Out which changes the page view by the percentage you would like. Page Move which moves pages forwards and backwards and Rotation which enable users to rotate clockwise or counter clockwise the book screen by 90-degree increment.
* Text Selection Tool
The Text Selection tool enables users to select horizontal and vertical text or columns of text in PDFs. The selected text will be copied to the clipboard automatically and pop up a prompt message box.
* Snapshot Tool
Use snapshot tool to copy individual images, text or both from PDFs to the clipboard, other applications, and other files. Then the text and images are pasted as an image.
* Work with friendly Bookmarks and Page Thumbnails
The navigation panel on the left side helps you browse through the PDF, which displays two navigation panels, bookmark panel and a page thumbnail panel. This allows users to jump to a specific place in the document with bookmarks or page thumbnails.
* View Document in Full Screen
In Full Screen mode, the document pane fills the entire screen, with Menu Bar, Toolbar, Status bar, Bookmarks and Page thumbnails hidden behind. But it provides a fixed toolbar which supports basic page view function: Rotation, Zoom In/Out, etc.
* Automatically Scroll
View documents without using the mouse or keystrokes and allowing users to choose a different scroll mode such as continuous scroll, as well as time-lapse scroll. Moreover, you can press the Shift key while scrolling the mouse wheel to control speed.
* Text View
Text View allows the user to preview the whole text content from a PDF file in Foxit Reader.
* Search PDF
Search for specific text you want to locate in PDF’s. The searched items will be highlighted at which point you can click Find Again or press F3 to continue searching.
* Support Hyperlinks
Support internal and external hyperlinks. Click links with the hand tool to take you to another location in the current document or other PDF documents, or other websites.
* Optimized Rendering
Supports progressive rendering and significantly reduces the response time from the user interface events.
* Add unembedded Chinese/Japanese/Korean characters support
It can properly display PDF documents containing Chinese/Japanese/Korean fonts on Linux platform.
* Improved print quality with anti-aliasing feature
Effectively fix the aliasing issue in the output file by replacing the previous bitmap output format with the postscript output one.
* Add Preview/Next view feature
Go back or forward one page view by pressing the Preview/Next view button
* Add Save as feature
Allow users to save a copy of PDF

Installation :

Navigate to this page and download the debian package (.deb).Install it via double click or at terminal via $sudo dpkg -i filenameofthedeb.deb . You can run Foxit Reader via Applications > Office > FoxitReader or FoxitReader command.

To make it your default PDF reader / viewer application, right click to a pdf file and select Properties.Then navigate to Open With tab and select FoxitReader

PS : The debian package tested on Ubuntu Jaunty and Karmic Koala put it probably works on all debian based distros.
P.S: NOW you can Subscribe to Am!NeS0Ft’s blog by Email


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5 thoughts on “Howto Install Foxit PDF Reader On Ubuntu

  1. Most of the problems I usually face with pdf files are related to font rendering. Using any other program but Adobe Reader shows those problems. Adobe Reader is too slow on all platforms. Foxit Reader is much faster in comparison, but not as fast as Evince, and evince does font rendering better than Foxit Reader. Besides FoxIt Reader only comes for Linux/32-bit. So I guess I’ll stick with Evince for now.

    Posted by Ignasi | October 22, 2009, 22:14


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