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Dr.Web® anti-virus for Linux (GUI based)

Dr.Web Security Suite for Unix Appliance and  Dr.Web® anti-virus for Linux (GUI based) is a group of modular solutions that can be installed on appliances running Unix-family (Linux/FreeBSD/Solaris(x86) operating systems. The solutions work as a corporate Internet-gateway – a proxy-server used to provide access to the Internet to intranet users.

Depending on your licensing scheme and the set of selected plugins solutions of Dr.Web Security Suite for Unix Appliance can perform the following tasks:
process incoming and outdoing mail and filter out viruses and spam;
scan http and ftp traffic for viruses;
detect and remove any malicious objects;
parse e-mails and analyze each component of a message;
filter e-mail according to white and black lists;
process correctly archived files of most known formats including multi-volume and self-extracting (SFX) archives;
notify recipients or other selected users on results of scanning using templates ensuring that provided information is easy to read
collect statistics regarding all activities of the system;
protect its own plug-ins against failures.
Dr.Web means its own technologies and anti-virus laboratory
Dr.Web anti-virus technology has been developed since 1992 and is owned by Doctor Web.
here are few anti-virus vendors in the world with their own technologies for detecting and curing malware, a virus monitoring service and an analytical laboratory. It provides a rapid response to latest threats and allows solving any problems of customers in a few hours.

Large enterprise network experience
Dr.Web solutions for small and medium-sized companies and large corporate networks with dozens of thousands of computers have been developed and improved since 1992. The State Duma of Russia, its Defense and Foreign ministries FSB (Federal Security Service) and many other enterprises, educational institutions and research departments trust anti-virus solutions from Doctor Web.

Openness of the solutions
As usual, Doctor Web makes its contribution to development of open source anti-virus products. Solutions included in Dr.Web Security Suite for Unix Appliance have an unlimited potential for expanding their functionality. Virtually any user with a sufficient skill can implement a desired feature using the source code and the SDK supplied with the software.

Exceptional scalability
Dr.Web Security Suite for Unix Appliance can perfectly suite needs of a small company with just one e-mail server and meet the unlimited e-mail filtering requirements of transnational telecoms or Internet service providers, Its efficiency, flexibility of settings and capability of filtering huge volumes of e-mail traffic “on-the-fly” can comply even with highest demands.

Optimal configuration
Configuration of servers with preinstalled Dr.Web Security Suite for Unix Appliance is the result of thorough optimization. Solutions match requirements of a customer perfectly. Flexible licensing system allows a company to pay only for functionality it is going to use. A server based on Dr.Web Security Suite for Unix Appliance is a high-performance solution at a best price.

Reliable protection
State-of-the art technologies ensure high-speed scan of traffic that doesn’t after Internet access speed and runs unnoticed by users. The solutions feature latest Dr.Web technologies that sheilf user machines from malware and spam. Automatic updating system allows maintaining a high level of security.

High productivity and stable operation
Multi-thread scan feature enables Dr.Web Security Suite for Unix Appliance processing simultaneously large amounts of data. Well-designed modular structure makes it impossible for an attacker to disable a solution. Well-known low system requirements of Dr.Web products allow running them on any server hardware.

Easy installation
Dr.Web Security Suite for Unix Appliance fully complies with the “plug and play” principle making installation and maintenance extremely easy even for an inexperienced user. The installation procedure was designed to exclude any possible configuration errors by staff and reduces time of deployment to several minutes. Installation of an appliance doesn’t affect configuration of computers in a corporate network.

Flexible configuration and easy administration
Dr.Web Security Suite for Unix Appliance allows implementing any protection scheme tailored to the security policy of your company. The solutions have flexible configuration system so virtually any required set of rules can be created by a system administrator. All actions related to the network security are logged. The logged data can be used to analyze network health and pinpoint vulnerabilities. The convenient user alert system that issues virus warnings and notifies a user upon loading of a web-page containing malicious code will assist you in conforming to the security policy of your company.

Frequent updating
An add-on to the Dr.Web virus database is released when new entries are added as often as several times per hour. Hot add-ons are released immediately after a new threat has been analyzed. The global virus monitoring network delivers latest samples of viruses from all over the world. Users retrieve updates from several servers located on different parts of the globe.

for downloads Dr.Web in linux , unix and mac OSx

1) linux

The product protects workstations running Linux.

Supported OSs
All Linux distributions with glibc-2.2 to 2.7 (32-bit only).

Licensed components
Console scanner for Unix.
GUI module for Linux.
Automatic updating utility.

Dr.Web Daemon (drwebd) is not included.

to download click here

2) unix

Dr.Web Mail Gateway (Unix)

The product protects mail-traffic directed through a proxy-server under Unix.

Supported OSs
Linux ( glibc 2.2 and higher).
FreeBSD 5.x, 6.x.
Solaris 10 (Intel only).

Licensed components
Dr.Web Daemon – anti-virus daemon that processes scan and curing requests.
Dr.Web Smtp-proxy module.
The basic part of the program, monitoring and external interaction utilities.
Automatic updating utility.
Console scanner Dr.Web for Unix.
SDK for development of extra plugins.

to download click here

Dr.Web for Unix mail servers (MailD-based)

The product protects traffic of mail servers under Unix.

Supported OS and mail systems
Linux (glibc 2.2 and higher), FreeBSD 5.x, 6.x, Solaris 10 (Intel only).
CommuniGate Pro, Courier MTA, Exim, Postfix, QMail, Sendmail, ZMailer.

Licensed components
Dr.Web Daemon – processes scanning and curing requests.
A set of anti-virus filters for Sendmail, Qmail, Postfix, Communigate Pro, Exim, Courier MTA, ZMailer.
The basic part of the product, the monitoring and external interaction utilities.
Automatic updating utility.
Console scanner Dr.Web for Unix.
SDK for development of extra plugins.

to download  click here

to get more info and downloads please visite  www.download.drweb.com

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    Thanks for sharing useful information Dr.Web® anti-virus . This is good antivirus But I suggest Best Virus Protection software. This software fully protects your windows. You can click here for Free Antivirus Download .

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