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Create your own distro with Product Creator

Once again, we are going to talk about Kiwi.

Kiwi is an Imaging System, a part of the greater openSUSE Build Service, a complex, omnipotent imaging/virtualization solution that allows you to create any which kind of operating system images, fully customizable and deployable in a vast range of formats, based on your own installation, the vanilla openSUSE or any other Linux distribution.

Kiwi can achieve these tasks using XML templates, as it is geared toward power users who like automation and scripting. However, Kiwi also supports work by the means of much simpler, much friendlier GUI frontends called Image Creator and Product Creator.


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The YaST Product Creator is suitable for creating the following types of images:

  • Custom installation media
  • Add-on products
  • Live ISO images
  • USB stick images
  • Xen images
  • Virtual disk boot images

The YaST Product Creator has some limitations:

  • Creates only images for the installed architecture
  • Creates images only from sources added with the YaST Installation Sources module or from newly created add-on products
  • Does not support creation of bootable add-on product images

The YaST Product Creator provides configurations for all types of images. These configurations can be used as a good base for most situations. If you need a special configuration and are not familiar with the add-on configuration or editing and creating a KIWI configuration, see Creating Add-ons and en.opensuse.org/KIWI


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