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Install And Use Metasploit Framework 3.2 on Linux {Exclusive}

Metasploit is an application that is used to research the security in your network. The Administrators can test their networks that is made by them. What Their network is found the weakness or not. Many exploit type and payload Who can be used on Metasploit. You are able to use Metasploit on Linux operating system

  1. Download Metasploit : Click Here
  2. copy metasploit file to root or home directory
  3. open the terminal
    $ cd /
    $ sudo su
    # tar xzfv framework-3.2
    # cd framework-3.2
  4. in directory framework-3.2, there is 2 selection using metasploit
    • ./msfconsole using metasploit console mode
      # cd /
      # cd framework-3.2
      # ./msfconsole
    • ./msfweb using metasploit web mode

      # cd /
      # cd framework-3.2
      # ./msfweb
      Using metasploit on web mode, you have to open your mozilla and go to url, if your status is offline, please select file | select Work Offline on your Mozilla Firefox.
    • have fun

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5 thoughts on “Install And Use Metasploit Framework 3.2 on Linux {Exclusive}

  1. Hi there, do you remember me?

    Posted by Jojo | October 20, 2009, 01:23
  2. hehhehee, It doesn’t matter LOL.
    Keep blogging and make easier people to get nice article.

    Posted by Jojo | November 24, 2009, 23:13
  3. Hi there.
    Great installation help…thanks, fixed my problem.
    Anyone reading this guys stuff should bookmark it.

    Posted by Install Software | February 2, 2010, 05:18

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