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KMess 2.0 is out !

KMess 2.0 released

July 24 2009 — The KMess team announces today the immediate availability of KMess 2.0. This is the first stable release of the KMess 2 series, in development since January 2008, one and a half years ago. KMess 2.0 is our newest, best, most fresh release yet, and everybody is encouraged to upgrade to it.

The most obvious difference between our last stable release, KMess 1.5.2, and this release is the transition to KDE 4. Other than that, these things have changed:

  • added ability to re-use previously opened chat windows after reconnecting.
  • added a dark chat style suitable for use with dark KDE color themes.
  • added a DBus remote control interface, to enable interaction with KMess from other applications.
  • added application-wide settings dialog, which includes an account manager.
  • added a contact search box in the contact list.
  • added automatic reconnection after unwanted disconnections, keeping the previous status.
  • added connecting over HTTP, to deal with corporate firewalls which only allow connections to browse the web.
  • added contact emoticon blacklist, to block annoying custom emoticons from contacts.
  • added a contact list exporting dialog.
  • added options to copy a contact’s email, name, message, listened music and links present in the name/message.
  • added detection of network connection availability, using Solid.
  • added fading effect for long text labels and the contact list.
  • added fast-retype of previous sentences using Ctrl+Up/Ctrl+Down.
  • added full MSN Plus text-formatting support in chat and in the contact list.
  • added group selection box to the “add contact” dialog.
  • added IRC like command handling in the chat window (/away, etc..)
  • added KWallet support to store account passwords in a secure way.
  • added Likeback support to collect user feedback, ported from Basket of KDE 3.
  • added chat logs history dialog.
  • added full offline messaging support.
  • added option to choose a directory where to put all received files.
  • added option to choose a previously set display picture for the account.
  • added option to choose the browser and e-mail client used to open Web links.
  • added option to choose the dimensions of the pictures in the contact list.
  • added option to choose the interval of ports used for fast file transfers.
  • added option to disable displaying received winks.
  • added option to display all offline contacts in a single group (“mixed” group mode).
  • added option to hide currently empty groups.
  • added support to configure the application’s tool bars and menus.
  • added support to send and receive handwritten messages (still doesn’t work with some Messengers).
  • added optional tabbed chatting support.
  • added a contact properties dialog.
  • added KDE proxy support.
  • fixed appearance when using right-to-Left languages, like Arabic.
  • fixed bug preventing temporary accounts to be correctly cleaned up.
  • fixed chat window focus issues.
  • fixed disconnections after many hours of use.
  • fixed displaying duplicated status messages.
  • improved appearance of the contact list when antialiasing is enabled.
  • improved chat logging support, now allowing saving chats as files in text or HTML format.
  • improved chat notifications to be compatible with the new Plasma notifications of KDE 4.2.
  • improved client name detection of contacts.
  • improved chat window appearance with movable panels.
  • improved protocol support, upgraded the server core protocol to MSNP15.
  • improved reporting of error messages, using notifications for warnings.
  • improved the file transfer messages within the chat.
  • fixed a lot of other bugs and made numerous other improvements.

The screenshots page, provides a detailed overview of the larger changes in KMess 2.0, as opposed to KMess 1.5.2.

You can find the source code at the downloads page, and binary packages for various distributions will start flooding in soon.

Thanks to 44 volunteer translators, KMess is available in 14 languages. Other people, without whom this release would not be what it is today, as well as the current members of the KMess team, are listed on our People page.

Any remarks, notes, declarations of love as well as bug reports can be posted at  forums, You can also send us messages using the LikeBack client built into KMess, accessible via Help -> Send a Comment to the Developers.

We wish you a lot of fun and chatting with our best release of KMess ever!


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One thought on “KMess 2.0 is out !

  1. good luck 🙂

    Posted by aminesoft | July 27, 2009, 08:55

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