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Free Python Interpreters, Compilers and Distributions !


Jython compiles your Python code to Java byte codes, allowing your Python program to run on any system that has a
Java runtime installed. It supports
both static and dynamic compilation. Your Python code can also extend any Java classes. Since this Python implementation is itself
written in Java, it runs on any platform supporting the Java virtual machine.
IronPython implements the Python programming language on the Microsoft .NET framework. It supports dynamic compilation, has an
interactive console, and your Python scripts can interact with .NET objects. It is licensed under the Microsoft Public License.
Stackless Python
Stackless Python enhances the Python programming language to include support for threads, or specifically, microthreads. It
provides tasklets that can wrap functions that you wish to be launched as microthreads. Also available are channels that
allow bidirectional communications between your tasklets, a round-robin scheduling facility, and serialisation. Precompiled binaries
(executables) for Windows and Mac OS X
are available. If you use Linux
or some other Unix variant, you can simply download the source code and compile it yourself. This implementation of Python is apparently
used in some multiplayer online games (like EVE Online and Second Life).
Shed Skin – Optimizing Python to C++ Compiler
Shed Skin compiles your python code to C++. At the time this is written, Shed Skin requires that your Python code be statically typed,
that is, your variables should only have a single type. Moreover, not all standard library modules are supported (yet). The compiler
is released under the GNU GPL.
py2exe – Python to Windows EXE
py2exe converts your Python programs to standalone Windows executables that can run without your users needing to install Python.
Note that this is not a native code compiler – your code is still interpreted. py2exe merely provides all the necessary pieces so that
when your end users double-click on your executable, the Python interpreter will start up to interpret your code. py2exe is released
under the Mozilla Public License.
ActivePython is a Python distribution for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, HP-UX, AIX and Solaris.
Python is an interpreted object-oriented programming language with many adherents on the Net.
To quote from the Python FAQ, “it incorporates modules, exceptions, dynamic typing,
very high level dynamic data types, and classes.” It supports numerous versions of Unices
(including, of course, Linux), Windows, Mac, OS/2 and even MSDOS.

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