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Introducing LSI

TuxSoftware.com is a software installation site for Ubuntu, Debian, and derived distributions such as LinuxMint, gOS or DreamLinux. On the site you will find hundreds of the most popular Linux applications available for installation directly from your web browser – with links, reviews, screen shots, and additional information for each. They goal is to provide one place where you can find, research, and install the free software you need as quickly and as easily as possible.

Here is some screenshots of the Linux Software Installer:

The installation method is pretty simple, you need to go to this website and download the LSI.

You can easily search the software that you want by just go to this site

And these are some features and capabilities that LSI can do:
1. Only great quality, well documented apps that users won’t have an issue using.

2. The site or delivery method must be quick and easy for the novice to figure out.

3. Users must be able to educate them self, ie. shots, links, reviews, tutorials, etc.

4. It must be compatible with Ubuntu, Debian, and any popular derived distro.

5. The site must be friendly, yet professional looking and well maintained .


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