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Gizmo5 – Complete VOIP solution

Gizmo5 is a great way to connect with friends and family who can also use the system. As long as the other person is using Gizmo the call is free. This is good news if the user will be a frequent caller to an out of state or out of country area.

Beyond calling to other Gizmo users it is possible to call landlines and mobile phones as well. The rates are relatively inexpensive to use this feature. Many people will like the company’s integration with AIM and MSN, which will add his/her buddy list into Gizmo.

Gizmo5 has many features which are lacking in other VoIP application and particularly Skype, even though it’s the most popular VoIP software. One notable feature of Gizmo5 is the interoperability with other services because of their use of open standards for call management – the SIP and Jabber. On top of that, Gizmo is a lot cheaper than Skype and offers some features for free which otherwise cost money with Skype, free Voice mail for instance

Other features include Voicemail, chatting, and avatar uploads so each person can see whom he/she is talking to.


Gizmo5 offers several packages for Linux users, including RPM, .deb, binary tarball, and Click ‘N Run versions. I used the RPM version, which worked fine under both openSUSE and Mandriva. Installation just requires running
# rpm -Uvh gizmo-project-

GTK+ 2.6 or higher
libstdc++ (v6)

OpenSuse user can use following command to install/upgrade the required pacakage:

# yast2 –install gtk2 gconf alsa

After installation completes, you’ll find Gizmo5 in the Internet section of your system menu; the program appears as Gizmo Project or start from the Terminal as: gizmo and you should see something like ..

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